The Big Glue

The Big Glue…

Consciousness in this planet flows in and around us; it is a music (!) if you will, the fragrant adhesive that sticks us all together.  It seems to me that we will continue to be foxed (literally) until we reserve a little more honour for what consciousness is because it is the link man, the mighty glue of the fabric of the universe which we cannot yet understand…

Discussion about the Universe is controversial, some scientists say that it is    expanding, others that it is not expanding if we use The Big Bang Theory as our measure: debate!  The same scientists say that conventional geometry does not work in far space: well what a surprise!

At the moment there is a core of pioneers  in consciousness all around the world, they are high-frequency in their natural state, something which can be very uncomfortable, usually involving very low blood pressure and a predilection to intolerance of sugar.  Pioneers  can be babies (!), small children and very  older-aged persons as well as those who accept that we are creating a new consciousness on the earth right now.


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