Of rocks and their fields

Rocks and their frequency
The high frequencies arriving just now into and up from our earth ignite frequencies already existing, dormant, in the planet, for many aeons. There are some famous rocks on the earth which have their own huge frequency and can affect man: Ayres Rock in Australia, comes to mind. König (1979) noted that the earth and her atmosphere itself appear to absorb what he called ‘terrestrial radiation’ from above, creating hotspots in the earth’s crust, in land, in minerals and even in the air. In my view such rocks also emit light, owning it already in their own right, it is already part of them: if we look at porphyry, for instance, one of the most potent rocks in the world, it is possible to see that light has existed within it for aeons and the massive complexity of quartz suggests its own story.

I have spent years in Southern Africa where spectacular geography is well known as commonplace for its power and intensity. Places like Paarl in the Cape with its great Pearls of rock standing sentinel over the town and, of course, Table Mountain herself, the great altar table of Africa, are famous for their potent energy, as well as their beauty.

I have welcomed the experience of staying for long periods of time between two massive rock vortices in the semi-desert of the Little Karoo. The Karoo was once the home of the Bushmen and the powerful whirlpool rock formations in the hinterland of the sea act as stabilizers for incoming, high-frequency energy from the South Pole: this new energy is harsh, raw and dangerous. Such a little spoken of energy stream is the planetary counterpart, counterpoint, of the feminine energy received into the Northern hemisphere which we celebrate as the Northern Lights. If the Northern Field is coy, showing herself when and as she wishes, then the Southern Field is a lion who persists in finding both his way and his prey!
The passage of the new field as it passes along the tip of South America and then swerves under water and up to southern Africa is both covert and subterranean. In passing through some of the world’s deepest water and vast forests of underwater vegetation, the energy is pacified to arrive through the beautiful town of Hermanus and then inland up through two vortices at the meeting point of the marine hinterland and the start of the Little Karoo. The two rock whirlpools act both as conductors of the energy into the land beyond and, indeed, tamers of some of the energy’s raw ferocity. I have found both pleasure and gratitude in the uncompromising landscape between the two vortices, a landscape which is fertile for personal human development in its attraction of people who are self-questioning and seek resolution to real challenges.

Mankind must never underestimate the fragrant and powerful sleekness of matters Universal: the great energy field coming into the South Pole tempers itself as it sheds the sharp corners of a pure, high frequency energy that is being digested a long way up the world and in places where man has truly almost forgotten why he came…