Fear will tip you into Covid if …
27th Jan 2021

The eyes don’t have it…just now

We are in the middle of a revolution! Covid may be seen as a virus but in fact is a means of deconstruction for our focus. Such a focus has been woolly, or non-existent, or magnificently self-referencing and with great consequence throughout and within the earth.

If you are not yet seeing this, the time will come when you will! 

You might also not be seeing very clearly with your physical eyesight just now, because in the middle of this crisis we are evolving.

It is with such pleasure that I tell you that everything has a frequency. Everything, even and especially you and me.

It is with such pleasure that I tell you that whilst we’ve all been doing our best in this time of difficulty the planet has been raising her frequency, raising her vibration. And if you have been following this website then you will know that the brain and the earth resonate at the SAME frequency, so that we feel as if we are speeding up: and we ARE!

Now the eyes are not very happy at the moment; firstly, they can be gritty and dry because the speed of the frequency in and of the cells is taking up huge amounts of the body’s energy, not to mention the FEAR that is rushing around fast and furiously and with many consequences. The deterioration of sight is sometimes cited in the Asian version of Covid but this deterioration is TEMPORARY and as soon as the body has discovered that it is evolving and need not be so terrified, then compromises to the eyesight will stop. When our body is fearful, every cell registers the fear and cumulatively the whole body starts running on this fear. If you think about this, it is a terrifying thought. Millions of people are falling into fear just now with grim consequences.

Secondly, there is much pressure in the head as the brain is resonating faster and, if you will glance below here, many of you, heart-centred folk, may experience incoming frequency in the night as the body drinks in the privilege of going about in life thinking of others. If you are someone who serves others in your work, or simply in your orientation, you will be experiencing many of the symptoms on my LIST (please see above) because you will have, in your selfless orientation, a High Frequency.

Thirdly, the cells are doing their best to fight against the grim truths that face us, and they do not like grimness, falling rapidly into corruption and therefore illness and downward-looking.  (See the work of Dr Bruce Lipton, at least) It is not possible to overestimate the effects upon the body and mind of fear.

To reason with all of this is out of the question: we are not doing very well so far with what we believe to be reasonable.

Therefore!  As we have said from the start of this website, there is energy coming in and energy flowing through us that makes for pressure that builds up in the body and especially the eyes.  Juxtaposed next this faster frequency is the Fear department: of death; of loss; of pain; of separation and isolation; of financial difficulty, even ruin and even and especially, the fear of fear itself. 

This catalogue is a poisonous and potent cocktail for the body, who does not like it: any of it.

In terms of the eyes, their effectiveness is reduced from the pressure behind them – that is, from what is happening in the brain and from the enormous activity in the head at this time. 

If you find then, that your glasses don’t always seem to produce the effect for which they were designed it is probably nothing to do with the efficiency of your optician but to do with the brain (and I will say head) activity happening now.