Frequency effects: the LIST

Here again are some of the effects of frequency shifts:

‘Spinning out’, that is, feeling dizzy and/or disorientated
Feeling ungrounded or disconnected from the earth
Feeling at a once-remove from everything
Sleeping badly and experiencing a rapid and fluctuating heartbeat in the night, or sudden and inexplicable panic, or temperature changes, day or night: very hot, sometimes to very cold
Feeling ‘shooting pains’ throughout the body, including through the eyes
Feeling unwell but not understanding why
Experiencing bouts of sickness and diarrhoea (the body clearing)
Hearing sounds as louder than usual; finding the noise of machinery or crowds acutely
Experiencing changes in visual acuity
Seeing 3D colours more strongly
Seeing colours when the eyes are closed
Having very dry skin and hair, and hair loss
Feeling bad tempered and/or depressed for no apparent reason
Experiencing altered sleep patterns/ loss of sleep/ability to sleep less
Feeling an inability to concentrate
Feeling lethargic and constantly tired, irrespective of sleep
Weeping, often uncontrollably, without knowing why
Feeling low, low in confidence, inadequate
Worrying irrationally
It is not surprising that the common symptoms in men and women of frequency shift are strangely concurrent with those of altitude ( I thank my friend and colleague Judy Kroge for this insight).  If we are resonating at a higher frequency our body will alert itself to the fact..

In children:
all of the above is applicable and there are many children suffering acutely from inability to sleep for very long; experiencing fearful or irritable responses to noise, even what might be considered by adults as ‘normal’or ‘acceptable’ noise like fridges, air conditioning, or street machinery; feeling tired much of the time; suffering from anxiety, especially located in the stomach.