Shifts in Consciousness

Shifts in consciousness

In the greater scheme of things there has been a definite shift in our consciousness which can be felt just now.  Palpably.

We are not referring here to the use of sensation drugs but to a change in man that we shall some to see as revolutionary but more importantly as evolutionary.

In this space we honour those who are working hard to change their old belief systems and values because they are sowing the seeds of a more evolved society: one we need very much.

We can see some of these moments of evolution in our society: for instance, many things that we thought and said in the past are no longer considered appropriate.

Our awareness of poverty and war has become higher since the start of the proliferation of immediate news through the Internet and we have become in the West, let us say, more aware of our responsibility as a human being, man to man.

Recent events about those who have courageously decided to leave everything behind as they vacate one of the world’s trouble zones have been a very poignant barometer of the feelings of a great number of British people.  When a harrowing photograph was shown in the press of the body of a small boy being lifted out of the Mediterranean, a massive shift was visible in the attitude of the British population because we all have a small child somewhere in our life: and here was one whose life was gone and that of his mother and brother, for the sake of the search for safety.

This shift, Thomas Kuhn would call it a paradigm shift, has been essential to the freeing up of help, national and international, for people who can no longer live in the great and palpable reality of war.

A poignant turning point

This moment is a turning point in terms of international consciousness, a word which encompasses the word ‘to know’, scio, and any change in awareness is about knowing something, usually so profoundly that it is impossible, in fact, impassable, to go back through the old doors.  What has been profoundly important is that we are all talking together.