to Commissioners for Consciousness!

We have been doing this work for 27 years and are about Frequency.

Please do look at what we've been saying about the body, the brain and the how they both register FEAR in particular.
Perhaps start with the introduction video, below right and then the videos (click here)

About us

We are a team of passionate pioneers, experiencing changes in consciousness at full throttle. We are welcoming and aware, very aware, of massive shifts in public and private consciousness, right now.

Consciousness exerts upon us a certain pressure; a pressure to know what is going on around us without constantly going to the lookout tower to verify our position.

The way in which consciousness is experienced is as varied as the individuals who feel it: a singer, for example, might feel the whole body vibrating with the song; the experienced athlete may even feel the pressure exerted into the cells of the body: we are in extreme times just now.