Commissioners for Consciousness


We talk here about the ONE thing that links all sentient creatures and that is Consciousness and it is our heartfelt belief that consciousness flows through every living organism, tree, flower, stone and bone.  When we are able to see that consciousness is everywhere, within us, without us and right out into the universe, then the progress which eludes our scientists just now will be ended.

At this time, we have to KEEP OUT OF FEAR

This is a challenging yet precious time in which to live because we are all suddenly set back into our vulnerability: it doesn't matter whether you have lots or not lots, this is now a time of personal belief, strength and fearlessness.

We have been struggling for a long time, papering over the cracks: in our love life, in our hope for our life and for a million things that we seem not to have been able to do yet. Now is the time to rest, recuperate and re-shape. If you are in lock-down then you will have been given time. These are extreme times, so maybe learn some skills that will help you through them ?


The first thing that you need to do in order to banish fear is kill that monkey! What do I mean by the monkey? Well, I mean that grim bit of your mind that plays tricks on you; that edits your thoughts before you've finished thinking them; that grinds on and ON about issues, particularly THIS ISSUE just now and that grinds you down in the process. Excuse me for saying so but if you love a bit of drama, stay out of this one: it's a million times bigger than you. If you need to keep thinking about all the negative elements of this virus then please go on line and learn Mindfulness but read this first!

Really strive to put the monkey out of your mind; I sometimes call it the parrot on the know, the one that repeats and repeats and is relentless in its negative advice! Every time that this said creature tries to pop up to make you miserable, tell it to leave: COMMAND it to LEAVE.

The next thing that you need to do is keep out of gossip! Gossip about FEAR. 'Stay in your centre' as the Yogis say, that means, breathe slowly and feel that you are in the full centre of your body and not whizzing about somewhere else. Your body has a frequency (see this website) and when it is in panic mode the frequency flies about and you with it . Keep the panic down by breathing slowly and carefully, by listening to music you love (music that doesn't wind you up is preferable) and by feeling that you are not in the future but only and simply in the Now.

As you inhabit your Now you will feel less frightened, why? Because the Now can be still and silent, if you allow it. If you keep out of the 'what if?' thoughts, you will deliver to your body a frequency of reassurance. I promise. Try to stay in your own personal heart and listen to your intuition, not a racing mind.

It may seem counterproductive to sit quietly when you are in a state of panic but the heart rate will come down very, very fast if you can still that monkey in the mind and cease the awful grinding that can happen to thought because of it.

So! Still the monkey; stay in and breathe into the now. Every time that your mind swerves off to worry again go back to you heart centre. This is not the time to think that the heart is some crazy, silly thing: it is a LACK of heart that has arguably got us into this mess. In a short time this practice will start to help you to feel better. If you need some lovely music to help you, find it! Extreme times call for extreme measures: distract that monkey!

So again! Having recognised that we are all in a highly vulnerable state just now, try to stop your mind orbiting the planet and sit quietly for a moment, feeling that you are in the present. You have overcome difficulties in your life before and you will this one. If you are helping to distract yourself with lovely music, try 'going into' the music. First let it flow over your body and then let it flow into it: it is possible to find relief inexpressible through this. When you have done listening, come back to yourself slowly and don't let the pirate monkey rush in and remind you endlessly of the world situation.

Lastly, play fair! Know that millions of people feel as you do and must banish the fear thing, fast. If your default position is to be fearful and/or negative, then please do accept my heartfelt invitation to you to step out of these cronky old mechanisms that do not serve you. Any more. Please do know that you are not alone: believe in yourself and your MAGNIFICENT ability to step out of the grim and into the great. In a short time, this will all be over and we will all have learned a lot about ourselves and be proud to have been able to learn it. Above all, congratulate yourself on every step of progress.

LOve Marella

Please do look at 'Keeping out of Victimhood', below.