The body map as spiral

Marella looks at how there is a very useful tool for considering our body's various energy fields.

Shifts in frequency

Marella introduces the concept of how the shifting frequency of the earth can affect our sense of wellbeing, even our health.

Living in fear?

Marella talks about the mechanics of fear in the body.

Conquering fear

Marella talks about possibilities of overcoming fear.

Dementia is a frequency

Marella begins to explain how current frequency changes affect those with dementia (and those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, dyslexia, motor neuron disease).

Update on Dementia

The brain is changing – Part 1

Marella talks about the great evolutionary changes in the brain happening now as a result of Frequency Shifts. These shifts affect the Pineal and the production of Melatonin, in particular, with resulting symptoms for the individual. Symptoms can include sleep disruption; rapid and/or heartbeat in the night and a reduction of antioxidants which affects the immune system. Please see article on this site for more information.

The brain is changing – Part 2

Marella talks about the new sites in the brain for incoming frequency, the reason for clearing them now and the effect on the Temple area of the head and into the Temporal Lobe.

The Cingulate Gyrus : The New Frontier Part 1

Marella talks about high frequency energy currently coming into the Pineal during the night; about the calcification of the Pineal and about the role of the hippocampus just now in relation to memory and consciousness.

The Cingulate Gyrus : The New Frontier Part 2

Marella continues to speak about the furniture beneath the Cingulate, of Place cells and the site of memory storage.

Mary Magdalene