In this series of four videos, Marella offers you some ways to rise up out of Ghastly Viruses. ..

Four videos to help:

The Four Cs - Clearing; Confidence; Conditioning and Commitment

Video 1 - The necessity of Clearing out your personal attic

Video 2 - Real Confidence versus the fake...

Video 3 - The awful power of Condtioning and the demolition of the EGO!

Video 4 - 'Out of the grim!' A Commitment to the flowering of a different self


Expansion and possibility in your life.

It is now time for us to expand and grow: we have been through the mill!

High frequency energy at this time

Marella talks of owning high frequency energy at this time.

We are in the basement

Marella looks at the triggers within us that are doing their best to bring us down.

Finding balance between the extremes in lockdown Part 1

Marella talks about the business of keeping well in complete lockdown and the finding of a balance... and peace within it.

Finding balance between the extremes in lockdown Part 2

Part II of finding balance between the extremes in lockdown (or any other down).

The nature of things

Marella reminds of the nature of things!

The wounded Heart - Part 1

Marella talks about the wounded heart and how it is possible to identify it, explaining that it is the hard basis of much difficulty in life and particularly just now.

The wounded Heart - Part 2

Marella speaks about the layers of the heart's defences and how the heart can work against itself, with much potency and harm.

The wounded Heart - Part 3
The Victim

Marella explains what happens when we put ourselves into the role of victim.

The body map as spiral

Marella looks at how there is a very useful tool for considering our body's various energy fields.

Living in fear?

Marella talks about the mechanics of fear in the body.

Conquering fear

Marella talks about possibilities of overcoming fear.

Dementia is a frequency

Marella begins to explain how current frequency changes affect those with dementia (and those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, dyslexia, motor neuron disease).

Update on Dementia

The brain is changing – Part 1

Marella talks about the great evolutionary changes in the brain happening now as a result of Frequency Shifts. These shifts affect the Pineal and the production of Melatonin, in particular, with resulting symptoms for the individual. Symptoms can include sleep disruption; rapid and/or heartbeat in the night and a reduction of antioxidants which affects the immune system. Please see article on this site for more information.

The brain is changing – Part 2

Marella talks about the new sites in the brain for incoming frequency, the reason for clearing them now and the effect on the Temple area of the head and into the Temporal Lobe.

The Cingulate Gyrus : The New Frontier Part 1

Marella talks about high frequency energy currently coming into the Pineal during the night; about the calcification of the Pineal and about the role of the hippocampus just now in relation to memory and consciousness.

The Cingulate Gyrus : The New Frontier Part 2

Marella continues to speak about the furniture beneath the Cingulate, of Place cells and the site of memory storage.