Frequency effects: the LIST

Here again are some of the effects of frequency shifts, including the fluctuations of the Schumann Resonance.

‘Spinning out’, that is, feeling dizzy and/or disorientated
Feeling ungrounded or disconnected from the earth
Feeling at a once-remove from everything
Sleeping badly and experiencing a rapid and fluctuating heartbeat in the night, or sudden and inexplicable panic, or temperature changes, day or night: very hot, sometimes to very cold
Feeling ‘shooting pains’ throughout the body, including through the eyes
Feeling unwell but not understanding why
Experiencing bouts of sickness and diarrhoea (the body clearing)
Hearing sounds as louder than usual; finding the noise of machinery or crowds acutely
Experiencing changes in visual acuity
Seeing 3D colours more strongly
Seeing colours when the eyes are closed
Having very dry skin and hair, and hair loss
Feeling bad tempered and/or depressed for no apparent reason
Experiencing altered sleep patterns/ loss of sleep/ability to sleep less
Feeling an inability to concentrate
Feeling lethargic and constantly tired, irrespective of sleep
Weeping, often uncontrollably, without knowing why
Feeling low, low in confidence, inadequate
Worrying irrationally
It is not surprising that the common symptoms in men and women of frequency shift are strangely concurrent with those of altitude ( I thank my friend and colleague Judy Kroge for this insight). If we are resonating at a higher frequency our body will alert itself to the fact..

In children:
all of the above is applicable and there are many children suffering acutely from inability to sleep for very long; experiencing fearful or irritable responses to noise, even what might be considered by adults as ‘normal’or ‘acceptable’ noise like fridges, air conditioning, or street machinery; feeling tired much of the time; suffering from anxiety, especially located in the stomach.

Dementia is a frequency

Now what has Consciousness to do with Dementia? Well, Dementia’s frequency and its effects sit within the ground of consciousness, within the ground of our being, like a cup; were we to measure the revolution of the disease we would discover that the body is revolving at a very high speed indeed, it is this speed of revolution that makes the patient feel so ill… and so separate.

When we are ‘ill’ the body frequency speeds up, this has nothing to do with how it may present to the outside world. Remember how you felt as a child with chickenpox or measles… often quite strange, well the strangeness is the frequency that you are experiencing and also the effects of the frequency shift within your fields. If you are unfortunate enough to have an operation then the return to home life can also feel strange, not simply because you have been living in an institution for a while but because the body is registering, at one of its many levels, or energy fields, that it has suffered trauma, something that stays in the body, HIDES in the body, for a long time. If the operation has involved loss of any kind then the oddness in feeling and the effects on the whole body’s energy systems and therefore the emotions that register them, will be greater and for longer.

When the body is out of balance the lack of harmony registers everywhere within it, bodies are highly intelligent, cell by cell and as a high energy group collective. The greatest degree of ‘complaint’ may focus within one area at the outset but gradually the body politic will conclude that all is not well and it will most surely complain.

The body has its own energy field as does every single organ and organ group, acting like a wise and feisty confederate. It would be interesting to know at what point the body tips over into illness, it seems to me to be parallel to the arrival of what we call a nervous breakdown: some people can withstand massive pressures in their mental systems whereas others may fragment very quickly if their ‘ceiling’ has been capped. We know, for instance, that certain diseases can quickly kill their victims but it is both salient and poignant to think of human giants like Stephen Hawking, whose immense mental constitution has allowed him to live for many years after the two year death sentence proclaimed upon his early life. Such a giant has not only defied that very sentence but survived the increasing torture that has been his destiny, creating fruitfully throughout the years in which his physical body has become arguably more challenging.

Now dementia is about separation, the body has exceeded a very big ceiling and the sufferer is, at some level, running away very fast from third-dimensional reality. For some people the experience of this having run away can be peaceful, they feel happier to live in a sometimes child-like state of separation where they are cared for and held by someone or some persons. For many thousands of sufferers, however, the experience of dementia is destructive, anarchic and terrifying.

I find that the dementia patient’s fields are within a high-frequency band which registers the most exquisitely HIGH emotions known to man at this time and the most miserably LOW emotions known to man at this time; further, this area is both complex and MATHEMATICAL.

The Perfecti of many movements of Love have been trained for high frequency resonance and over long periods of time. These latter hearts have sometimes struggled to handle their incrementally increasing frequency, further they are deeply protected by and grounded in their devotion but the dementia patient may not be so protected and is thrust into the inclement weather of this vibration without training. The Perfecti, the Perfect ones, treading the path less travelled, are judicially trained to pass through the negative havoc that is a lower base note of the collective consciousness just now and proceed forward into the precious frequency of bliss. In this latter state there is ‘many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip’, however, it is not a path for the faint-hearted.

Reasons for dementia, in my view

Consciousness exerts upon us a certain pressure; a pressure to know what is going on around us without constantly going to the lookout tower to verify our position. For me, as a Health Practitioner, a series (not just one factor) of serious pressures come to bear upon an individual, some of which are lethally uncomfortable and they create a massive sidestepping out of reality. Now this is all very well if the person in question can survive pleasantly in a place where 3D reality is at a once-remove and some people do so, maintaining life in a child-like way and sometimes apparently enjoying the lack of responsibility for the first time. For many, however, the days can grow darker as the deeply buried theatre of pain is slowly unfurled. It is this miasma in the consciousness that creates conditions of such havoc and misery for the sufferer and for many obvious reasons, not least its severely isolating and frightening consequences.

The powerful effect of fear

The dementia sufferer’s energy is running very fast and his probable response to this speed, with its accompanying effects (please see the List elsewhere in this website) will be firstly one of FEAR. Isolation and separation are derelict places for the human being, negative characteristics that run rough-shod over all in their path. The power of fear to create havoc for the sufferer is immense, particularly at this time on the planet when it is so seductive, prevalent and well-documented.

Fear is a first-line response of the body to what is happening to it in the cells, it says to them ‘be on your guard’.

Waves of fear forcibly recalibrate the frequencies of the body so that its already fragile state becomes greater and greater and such waves become wilder and more and more ungrounded and unpredictable.

The generation that is experiencing the most dementia now in Great Britain, at least, has come from a very fearful youth: the War was not an easy time in which to grow up and apart from the sheer loss of fathers, brothers, lovers, uncles and friends, the times were filled with the grief of this loss, the fear of further loss or suffering and a diminished youthful life. In the UK the worst thing of all was that all of the above was suppressed beneath the proverbial and very real British Stiff Upper Lip: it was not appropriate then, and for some time after the two Great Wars, to express the inordinate degree of grief relative to the suffering that occurred.

The onset of Dementia is not like breaking a leg, complications notwithstanding, there are other giants playing in the mental fields who can cause trouble. We know that atoms are made of vortices; I see and feel the vortices in matter and those in the demented person are fast and heavy at the same time so they feel cumbersome, frenetic and unpleasant. There is a sense about the dementia patient of something intensely constrained whilst flying fast at the same time: it is not surprising that the sufferer displays the symptoms of shock. We know that the power of shock can be fatal and dementia’s incipience is a form of shock, its energy waves constantly racing through the body, shouting loudly. Shock creates an enormously toxic effect within our cells and needs to be washed out again and again to prevent further damage: if this view of what is happening beneath the surface of dementia could be introduced to orthodox medicine we would have a very good chance of preventing the disease in the up and coming generations.

In this way, the combination of shock and fear is a complex negative cocktail for the human being. We know that shock can kill a person and fear blows up the electrical circuitry of the body, growing apace as it pushes the sufferer (any sufferer) ever further away from the very energy that would help him: that of the earth. Now, we have to say at this point, with the utmost respect, that the negative effects of our living in areas of high electromagnetic pollution are very serious, it is not simply that we are overblown by this type of pollution, it is that it is distributed in such a way as to need massive, natural earth energies to balance it.

When I am in Africa I have no difficulty in feeling grounded because the centre of gravity (and the earth frequency base) for the whole, vast continent lies beneath the Democratic Republic of Congo: a significant fact. Potent earth energies are missing or suppressed in our technological world and we are largely oblivious at this time of their consequences, one of which is an absence of the very natural rhythm at which the brain resonates. We need to remember the findings of Schumann’s protégé König which stated that the brain resonates at a very close frequency to that of the earth and we see that now the dementia sufferer is at a twice remove on this head; not only is he experiencing separation because his ‘illness’ and the fear-response it naturally evokes are pressing him further away from anchorage in three-dimensional reality but he is also likely to be experiencing the weight of a speeded-up earth energy just now and its effects upon the brain.

As Neil Cherry reminded us, the brain’s referents are changing and we say here that such a shift is so very serious for our sufferer, in particular, because as Cherry points out, the brain’s THINKING is held through its connection to the earth energy which normally stabilises the brain AND ALLOWS IT TO THINK.

Is it any wonder that the brain can become de-stabilised in these times?

The significance of wounding

For me the reasons for the separation of the dementia sufferer are historical, below the fear reaction to the onset of the disease and including the difficulties of frequency shifts at this time he (or she, I will say ‘he’ here for convenience) may be holding a memory of hurt, perhaps perceived as being done to him, at a very deep level. We will speak elsewhere about the mighty heart and its journey into self-hurt but for now it suffices to say that many years ago a psychologist friend told me that I was being masochistic in a certain belief structure that I held and my response was shock, I was aghast! The truth is that we all have a wound in life, one which is a part of being human and how we deal with it is integral to our personal life development. Please think of all the people we see getting involved just now in high profile sport from a wheelchair; or the agonising endurance of those endeavouring to flee war-torn countries in a small fishing vessel. I feel very strongly that holding onto an earlier life wound, or nourishing that wound, is a powerful start to any form of dis-ease in the cells.

The role of control

Those now in their eighties and nineties grew up in times of constrained mental horizons, the great abundance of youth was truncated and constriction after constriction fell upon them. It is not difficult to imagine, therefore, that a youth confined, even contained by the horror and debilitation of war could devolve (the term is used advisedly) into a later life that included as much control as possible. In every family there was a catalogue of male death that decimated all involved and scarred a whole generation, embedding itself deeply into the cellular structure of those experiencing it, those who did not die, marking a massive scar in the group intelligence and group consciousness of the generation.

As human beings we are very adept at controlling, we deceive ourselves into thinking that it brings us a safety net. The head’s imposition of a sense of control is often an outlandish outrider to a heart flying from pain. In the same way that high frequency energy has no place for fear, nor shock, it does not like control: imagine Yeshuah, or Buddha, or Ghandi going about prescribing the advantages of its precepts. The juxtaposition of fear and control in any personality is a particularly disturbing combination which the higher frequencies simply will not tolerate, when they collide together in dementia the effect can only be potently consequential.

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