Consciousness now

What is consciousness?

I work in the Field of Consciousness all the time, day and night.

And what IS this ‘Field’? It is the place where we think; it is thought itself; it is everything that is in a thought-wave place; it is the real estate of emotion; it is where everything and everybody meet, whether they like it or not. There is personal consciousness and group consciousness, very powerful, negative or positive. For me there is higher consciousness, what Plato called the Forms, or Absolutes.

Many people at this time are exploring consciousness and many are forming a focus for positive thought and its corollary, positive action. The power of positive focus and positive action is phenomenal, we know this. As we come to include positive focus in our teaching curricular, we shall build a better society, its citizens ready for any challenge and appreciative of all they have.

I feel consciousness as that which makes me uniquely alive, alert and vibrant. Very often this consciousness makes me feel raw, vulnerable: the stuff of real intimacy.

Consciousness is, for me, a frequency, it is alive and buzzing, like a waveband; it is a waveband; it is an adhesive which simply and irrevocably glues all of life together. For me, consciousness goes out beyond the earth into space. In the soup of consciousness lies expansive possibility; our connections to others; our intimate hopes and fears; our goals; our cranial and heart intelligence; our memory and all truth: ALL.

If consciousness is a frequency, a sort of band wave, then its currency is ENERGY.

The basis of the work of this website.

I explain in the following pages that in 1954 Schumann put forward his observations of the earth as resonating at a certain frequency (7.8 Hz ). Schumann’s protege, Koenig, came to link the frequency of the human brain with that of the earth. Schumann’s work was verified in the 1960s and it was observed by NASA in 2011. NASA saw the Schumann Resonance as ‘ a repeating atmospheric heartbeat’ (Brian Dunbar, NASA official, May 28 2013

I accept Koenig’s view that the earth and the brain resonate at the same frequency; again, according to the late Dr Neil Cherry of Lincoln University, New Zealand, that the brain actually requires the earth frequency in order to think, even, daringly, to bring in intelligence itself. Cherry’s view is succinctly expressed in the following:

‘The Schumann Resonance signal provides a brain frequency range matching electromagnetic signal, providing the synchronization needed for intelligence’ Med. Hypotheses 2003 June, 60 (6) 843-4

Frequency Shifts and why they matter

If the earth is resonating at a certain frequency and our brain is synchronised with that frequency and our brain requires the earth’s frequency in order to think, then any changes in the latter are going to affect us as human beings…

Now, there is today some lack of consensus about the degree to which the frequency of the earth is rising, or has risen since Schumann did his calculations. Many people notice that time seems to be ‘speeding up’,they feel that there is a certain pressure, somewhere, that was previously absent, even in the recent past. Some researchers put forward data which clearly point to a rising of the earth’s frequency. It seems to me, in overview, that there are those who say that the earth frequency is rising and those who deny it; the latter, however, appear to concede that there are frequency shifts during periods of great solar activity. At this time there are a large number of solar flares, categorically recorded and categorically affecting the earth’s electro-magnetic fields; these surges, sometimes storms, create changes in our earth frequency. As the solar storms and wind affect our planet they affect us: if the earth’s frequency is speeding up and our brain frequency is the same as the earth then we MUST be affected.

I here use the collective works of those writing about this area of earth/brain effect of solar activity found at:

PLoS One PMC4718669 / 10.1371/journal.pone.0146595 online: ‘Similar Spectral Power Densities Within the Schumann Resonance and a Large Population of Quanitative Electroencephalographic Profiles: Supportive Evidence for Koenig and Pobachenko’:

Kevin S. Saroka, David E. Vares, and Michael A. Persinger

As well as being an academically orientated writer I am a well-qualified and experienced Alternative Therapist. In my twenty five year practice I have treated hundreds of people with the same symptoms; you can read the list of these symptoms below. I mention Dementia in particular in some of the papers. Many of the symptoms for our current frequency shifts are not documented in orthodox writing and the consequences are that there is much difficulty for people finding that they are unable to manage the changes occurring in their bodies just now. The problem is not simply that we do not remember what is occurring within us but that we have lost, at least in the western world, our closest alliance with the natural world.

In this website I talk about Frequency, about Frequency Shifts and about my own view of how they affect us as human beings. It is time, please, for all walks of life to sit around a BIG table to discuss what is happening to us now. Not simply to discuss the factual things that we know, like the disintegration of the ice caps at our poles but to bring together all sorts of open-mindedness and expertise without unhelpful censure.

In this way, consciousness is our connection to what is inside and what is outside of us. Many philosophers have been bound since time immemorial, most famously Aristotle, to investigate such an apparently difficult concept. No-one has yet done the concept JUSTICE.

Please read on.

Frequency and consciousness

It is well established and for a long time that living organisms emit magnetic energy. We know from the work of Herbert Schumann (1954) that the earth has a frequency. In 1954 when Schumann outlined a spectrum of low frequency resonances coming from the earth and that the latter resonated at 7.83 Hz, he may not have imagined that we would be able to see these frequencies fifty eight years later from a NASA space station .
Schumann observed a frequency coming up from the earth and a frequency coming down from above the earth, the ionosphere.
In 1979 König, Schumann’s successor, spoke of EFL waves (Extremely Low Frequency) and VLF waves (Very Low Frequency) which:

‘tend to travel along the magnetic lines of force produced by the
Earth’s magnetic field, between the two points on the earth’s surface
which are connected by the lines of force.’ (1)

Those who consider the earth to be a living organism would find such a statement simply common sense, it has been known for some time that such energy highways exist. As early as the eleventh century the Chinese used the earth’s magnetic field by which to navigate their ships. In 1600 Gilbert advocated that the earth acts like a magnet. Earlier, in the 16th century, Paracelsus put forward the view that living organisms emit magnetic energy and he was followed in 1791 by Galvani whose experiments led him to affirm that there is such a thing as ‘animal current’; by 1972 these observations were mapped out and called the Life Field (1.) So Science has long supported the view that the earth has a frequency that the atmosphere above us has a frequency and, indeed, we too have a frequency.

Where there is energy there is a frequency?

I am an academic woman able to hear both high frequency resonances, which sound like a light sizzling in the ear, and which is not tinnitus, and low frequency resonances which sound like a soft drone. I first started to sense incoming frequency about twenty five years ago: when I awoke in the night I saw very fine, white strands of light resonating in the room in which we slept; I called this energy ‘the needles of the night’ because at that time I had no idea what they were, they looked like a television screen searching for its frequency band. Soon after this time I went to Africa and when I returned home I started to hear the soft, low drone of the earth: I had been ‘balanced’in the massive continent and had needed to return to a wild place where earth energy is not tampered with. At that time I was in Zimbabwe which is not far away from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, beneath which lies the great gravity centre of the vast plate which is the continent of Africa… Amazing!

When experienced practitioners work in Energy Fields they work with high-frequency energy the like of which has not been experienced on this planet for a some time. I work with a very sophisticated, pure energy and it has taken a long, arduous and disciplined training to even begin to handle it.

The bees
We know that every living organism has its own energy signature; from the simplest, single-cell organism which has magnetite in its make-up to creatures like bees who have a big electromagnetic field (2). I recognise and work with the energy signature of those I treat. Bees travel about navigating via the sun, when this is lacking they use the patterns of polarized light in the sky and if both are in absence it is well accepted now that they use the earth’s magnetic field. The bees, who can see ultra-violet light which (we cannot) but who cannot see the colour red, have biogenic magnetite (carried in iron granules) integrated into their nervous system and found in concentration in the bees’ lower abdomen (3). Such a device not only gives the bees their homing facility but also allows them to be alert to magnetic fields. The bees’own big energy field logically accompanies both their role as the most important pollinators on the planet and the honour of therefore being the first and finest providers of our food.

We know that the bees have been in danger for some time now as their colonies collapse.

Every element in the Periodic Table has its own light signature, so the dense physical building blocks of our planet hold light.

Herbert König showed the proximity of the main frequencies in the Schumann waves, or the ground resonance of the earth, as being very close to the frequency of alpha rhythms of the human brain. This massively significant observation brings with it the realisation that man’s evolving brain has tuned into the rhythms of the earth herself over a long period of time and indeed, it is potent but not at all surprising, to realise that human life has evolved on earth using her own frequencies.

In the 1970’s Robert Wever of the Max Planck Institute put his student volunteers in a bunker; they soon became upset, disorientated and near to illness without the ground resonance of the earth, which when reinstated also reinstated their return to good health and feeling.

N.J.Cherry noted in 2003 that the Schumann resonance, the earth’s own frequency, ‘continuously stabilizes the brain’s electromagnetic system and has enabled intelligence and stable thinking to evolve’. It is therefore not surprising that we are experiencing so many difficulties as human beings within our consciousness just now because the frequencies of the electromagnetics of our world are changing and they are deeply interwoven into our consciousness (4).

Why there are frequency difficulties for human beings just now

In recent times it has been observed that the earth frequency is rising as the magnetic field is weakening simultaneously. My own response to this is to acknowledge the suffering that this is causing and to say that the collapse of the old form of the strong magnetic energy field of our planet will also herald the arrival of a new form of energy in its place.

Unfortunately, when the frequency external to us is raised it causes our own, internal frequency to follow and such an occurrence in itself has brought about multiple challenges for our bodies in the last twenty years, since August 2003, in particular, when there was a frequency elevation of energy coming into the earth. As we continue, then, to be affected as a species by a rising earth frequency and a massive increase in what is entering the earth from points in the ionosphere, we are in a frequency sandwich (!) between two pressures. It is this pervasive pressure that is causing so much difficulty for human beings at this time, in the middle of a period of evolution, especially of the brain and both collective and individual consciousness.

Here are some of the effects of frequency shifts:

‘Spinning out’, that is, feeling dizzy and/or disorientated
Feeling ungrounded
Sleeping badly and experiencing a rapid and sometimes fluctuating heartbeat in the night
Temperature changes in the night: very hot and to very cold
Feeling ‘shooting pains’ throughout the body, including through the eyes
Feeling unwell but not understanding why
Experiencing bouts of sickness and diarrhoea (the body clearing)
Hearing sounds as louder than usual
Experiencing changes in visual acuity
Seeing 3D colours more strongly
Seeing colours when the eyes are closed
Having very dry skin and hair, and hair loss
Feeling bad tempered and/or depressed for no apparent reason
Experiencing altered sleep patterns/ loss of sleep/ability to sleep less
Feeling an inability to concentrate
Feeling lethargic and constantly tired, irrespective of sleep
Weeping, often uncontrollably, without knowing why
Feeling low, low in confidence, inadequate
Worrying irrationally
It is not surprising that the common symptoms in men and women of frequency shift are strangely concurrent with those of altitude sickness .

1. I thank Dr Caterina Geoghan, A Model for Processes underlying Perception PhD Thesis, University of Sussex, 1991.
2.James L.Gould, ‘The Case for Magnetic Sensitivity in Birds and Bees’, in American Scientist (1980, May-June, Vol 68).

3 see also the work of Chin-Yuan Hsu et al, Chang Gung University, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan.
4.N.J.Cherry, ‘Human intelligence:The brain, an electromagnetic system synchronised by the Schumann Resonance signal’, in Medical Hypotheses (2003) 60 (6) 843-844.

Shifts in Consciousness

In the greater scheme of things there has been a definite shift in our consciousness which can be felt just now. Palpably.

We are not referring here to the use of sensation drugs but to a change in man that we shall some to see as revolutionary but more importantly as evolutionary.

In this space we honour those who are working hard to change their old belief systems and values because they are sowing the seeds of a more evolved society: one we need very much.

We can see some of these moments of evolution in our society: for instance, many things that we thought and said in the past are no longer considered appropriate.

Our awareness of poverty and war has become higher since the start of the proliferation of immediate news through the Internet and we have become in the West, let us say, more aware of our responsibility as a human being, man to man.

Recent events about those who have courageously decided to leave everything behind as they vacate one of the world’s trouble zones have been a very poignant barometer of the feelings of a great number of British people. When a harrowing photograph was shown in the press of the body of a small boy being lifted out of the Mediterranean, a massive shift was visible in the attitude of the British population because we all have a small child somewhere in our life: and here was one whose life was gone and that of his mother and brother, for the sake of the search for safety.

This shift, Thomas Kuhn would call it a paradigm shift, has been essential to the freeing up of help, national and international, for people who can no longer live in the great and palpable reality of war.

A poignant turning point

This moment is a turning point in terms of international consciousness, a word which encompasses the word ‘to know’, scio, and any change in awareness is about knowing something, usually so profoundly that it is impossible, in fact, impassable, to go back through the old doors. What has been profoundly important is that we are all talking together.