The love of Mary Magdalene
11th Apr 2019
The real challenge of frequency change to the body’s neurobiology
11th Apr 2019

The foxy problem

The foxy problem

The foxy problem

For me consciousness is very real and palpable. Working as a heart-centred academic I value the heart and believe in its intelligence. The ancient prayer called The Sarum Primer, which first appeared in 1594, illustrates that the idea of heart intelligence is not new:

‘…God be in my heart and in my thinking’

Christiaan Barnard’s pioneering work in heart transplants brought life to those who no longer thought that they could live but in recent years it has been found that when a patient received a new heart he or she often received the thinking and feeling of its donor: interesting! The research of the Heart Math Institute, founded in 1991 in California, has developed a very persuasive case for the common-sense view that our hearts do feel and think and communicate this latter to all of the cells in our bodies.

Now, we have many people working towards heart-centred living and thinking, and particularly education, and I am one of them. I have taught in schools, colleges and a university for many years and am fully aware that in the UK at least, our increasingly pressurising school timetables do not prepare our young for LIFE, let alone for living it with Love.

Consciousness is a FREQUENCY

For me consciousness is a frequency , it is a constant, a current and a dynamic throughout both Humanity and the Universe from whence it came.

For me consciousness is both energy and frequency, the latter because if it is energy then it has to have a frequency all of its own, as has every living thing and every organ within every human being.

The Gregg Braden/Joe Dispenza partnership recognises and measures the frequencies of different emotional states, and therefore part of consciousness, as individuals and in their professional work together they have greatly influenced our ability to understand that we are, indeed, what we think. Dr Dispenza reminds us that the firing of our nerve cells creates electromagnetic fields and it is within these created fields that we are able to understand how we may form a new person of our own making: this latter work has revolutionised the way in which we see ourselves and our way out of downward thinking.

When I met Gregg Braden and Dr Joe last year for the first time I realised that I had been quietly doing what they put forward for a very long time, having neither seen their videos nor read their books: it was a wonderful experience and a fine example of the miraculous cloud of knowledge that is available to us.

When someone I am about to treat walks into the room (very often even up to a day before) I can assess a good deal of their personal situation, some of their life history, their greater or lesser health and outlook and their propensity and willingness to change, before we even speak. Arriving at such information is neither haphazard nor mysterious because from the moment that our energy fields combine it is possible to sit within the shared field that is the overlap and learn from it.

Over the years I have become more and more experienced at understanding, mapping and treating that which intervenes between human beings: it is very exciting! It is easy to visualise the energy space between two humans (and that is what it is) as two overlapping circles of equal radius; the place of the two circles’ intersection creates a wonderful elliptic shape called a Vesica Pisces. This ‘vessel of the fish’ is the most expansive shape in architecture and indeed in the female body, the former allowing the transition from Roman arch to Gothic and the latter allowing a woman to give birth. The Vesica is also the form of the aureole which often surrounds sacred people as represented in art.

Now the space in which two human (although not necessarily human – think of trees, animals, fish) energy fields overlap seems very much like the Vesica to me because it is expansive in shape, a space fully pregnant with possibility. The greater the knowledge, compassionate understanding and will to the positive of the individuals within the two separate energy fields, the greater the possibility for expansion in the overlap, or the space that they share. The active space of the shared connection between two or more people is the place where everything starts to happen; all sorts of change may flourish within it and from it because it is composed of energy and is therefore dynamic: such a space may be reactive but such reaction only occurs because the mind can try to sabotage progress by calling up conditioned or long-held negative beliefs. My work has allowed me to deconstruct the mechanisms that hold onto past negative patterning thus freeing the person I am treating.

One of the reasons why many people work on themselves in these times is because they are faithful to the possibility born in their heart of a greater and more profound connection between themselves and another person or persons; we have been saying for some time now that we need to return to a state of openness in our communications with others, a state that is not always attractive because it requires such vulnerability from us, well here is exactly where this ‘state’ begins! Vulnerability is a wonderful space for possibility because it knocks over (and knocks about) all the mapping that conditioning has set down in the body. When the conditioning flees then the MASK flies off with it and we have a beautiful fulcrum to our lives that may be inclusive of greater qualities, the noble qualities, of being human.

To absorb this latter model or picture of human relating might help us toward greater and more real intimacy and for the first time. One way of measuring the frequency of the combined effect would be first to measure each individual’s frequency, separately and then after some time together during which their shared space was ignited, to measure them as a working, communicating pair. HERE is a way forward: let us find ways in which we may measure what is actually the frequency of change within us.

Were our hearts to recognise the glue-ness of Consciousness, that it is a constant, a current and a dynamic throughout both Humanity and the Universe from whence it came, then we would be able to put our factions behind us and go forward into the next phase of Scientific and Mathematical thinking.

Now of course here is the foxy problem, one that philosophers have been speaking about for generations. To say that consciousness is a vast and welding and infiltrating ‘something’ is to beg the question that it has to come from somewhere and on western society’s current, minimalistic view of the inter-connectedness of humanity and the Universe(s) this is a big stepping stone. The impasse between Science and (Heart) Faith exacerbates such difficulties in respecting the nature of our world, ourselves and what lies beyond us. It is worth noting that the very Father of Science, Isaac Newton, received a lifetime’s ideas for his work in one year in exile from the plague in his home village in Lincolnshire and spent the rest of that life making such ideas palatable to ordinary mortals! Newton’s formidable sense of intimacy with his royal heart is still visible in notes to the Beloved asking forgiveness for the smallest of peccadilloes… Interesting, interesting.