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11th Apr 2019
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The real challenge of frequency change to the body’s neurobiology

The real challenge of frequency change to the body’s neurobiology

The real challenge of frequency change to the body’s neurobiology

The pearl of Evolution

At this time cellular biology is feeling the pressure of frequency changes; at the very same time our bodies are evolving as some of the ancient components are no longer required and are being actively replaced by a new, frequency-based biology.

It is time for mankind to change from being a teenager to a mature, burgeoning and responsible earth citizen: the way for us to do this is to evolve our bodies, containing and changing all inherited hatred and filling our cells and therefore ourselves with the reality of heart-based living.

As the new body is being delivered piece by piece, there can be much anxiety in our cells: as the infrastructure of the ‘old’ body is changing there can be much fear in the cells as they register what seems to them to be DEATH! Such fear is transmitted through the whole length of the body, running fast like Rumour in a Homeric legend and it is the body’s reaction both to the new frequency intake and to change itself. In this moment there can be PANIC in the old body because it is not yet fully cognisant with what is occurring and feels very insecure and alarmed. The fear and the panic it creates can make grounding difficult. There is, however, a positive side, it seems to me that once an individual has decided to commit to the transformation now taking place, then his or her nervous system may enjoy all sorts of delights which have been previously and privately experienced by only high-frequency human beings of privilege. Some people are starting to feel what I call ‘white fire’, something which is a deeply refined, sexual response flying through the endocrine system with a highly-charged, blissful effect to the body. This latter will replace and also give repose to our rather awkward and often hilarious mechanical sexual system which has caused so much potential difficulty to us and, sadly, corruption. This is the route of Pure Joy bursting through our bodies and it is incorruptible.

The body is busy just now: be fearless, listen to her.

Changes to the brain:

Parts of the pons and the medulla oblongata are diminishing as we shall soon no longer require the fight or flight mechanism of the old brain; the temporal lobe is modifying drastically to accommodate the new, higher frequency scales potential of passing through the sphenoid, the bat-shaped bone which forms the basis of the upper face. The incoming frequency available to the sphenoid will move us up to the highest possible hertz octave known to man for aeons. The pineal is evolving and changing shape. Soon the frontal lobe will look very different from the way it has looked for some time.

The pons and the medulla oblongata are changing

These remnants of the reptilian brain are diminishing as the whole limbic system, the fight or flight mechanism, is also shifting ready for the end of a war-mongering mentality. For those who intuit previous lives the medulla oblongata is the site of their memory.

When our old brain was working fully, these latter components were sensors, with our mastoid ‘bones’ behind our ears, for frequency grounding: this is where ‘mind’ made itself ‘real’. The mastoids are not bones but spongy, bone cavities – perfect old-frequency receptors – and they work with the ramus of the jaw in one direction and into the top of the spinal column in the other direction (they can thus soon bi-pass the pons whose presence is decreasing). This area is one of the most perfected spaces in our body for the connection to and the maintenance of gravity, so it is not surprising that when it is out of line with the rest of the body, particularly the heart, we have difficulty in balancing and feel spun out and dizzy. Now it is only relatively recently that we have been able to imbibe, as it were, the high, high frequencies that some people are allowing to flow through their bodies just now. In the past, the mastoids were adequate for that which they received but they are no longer so, their structure is too bulky for a fine, fine frequency and so the temples are preparing to take up their new role as conductors of super-fine energy in their place.

The temple area is in transformation

In these times of frequency shift then, the old brain is making way for an infinite frequency which is starting now to ground through our temples: as the temporal lobes clear and expand, they will grow to take on the intimate role of administrators of a new form of frequency. The use of such a frequency, to be eventually processed and disseminated through the temple area (please do notice the name) will be of immense use to the future of mankind and bring the breakthrough in the sciences, mathematics and thinking for which we are waiting.

The temple area is somewhat complicated because it has been found to be the home of a residual patterning which has been pre-potent in the repetition and growth of fiercely negative, anti-social and destructive behaviour. Whether we like it or not there is an old saying, ‘what goes round comes round’, so even if the concept of Karma is thought to be irrelevant to a materially focussed, Western culture, there still lives on in us the demon of inherited genetic patterning, one often perpetuated by the family life and philosophy of that which bred the genes in the first place.

The significance of the amygdalae

Now until the temple site is clean and clear of old, negative passions and patterns the pineal will continue to be under great stress as it undertakes some of the work of the mastoid receptors which are feeling their design structure to be inefficient just now. The fact that this gland is also evolving to deal with the changes in the endocrine system and the pituitary, in particular, makes for a tired body.

The temple area is currently in transformation and purification along with the amygdalae. There are two amygdalae, small almond shaped structures (hence their name) with a stem and they are deeply tucked into the temporal lobes at the end of the hippocampus (memory) and the hypothalamus (regulator of body functions). We know at the moment that the amygdalae are to do with many and delicate matters but they have much to do with fear in their connection to the limbic system which is being changed . As the limbic system has less power to sabotage the emotional energy fields of the body, and therefore the cells, the new temporal lobe which will concern itself with frequency: sleekly!

The amygdalae are also said to be involved with the consolidation of sexual memory. This latter is a particularly important area because it sets the tone in the cells (who have a very long memory) for our intimate relations and also harbours resistant, negative memory which constantly re-attaches to the synapse, labouring old rejections, harrowing encounters and even inherited sexual focus and patterns.

Many, many people are re-educating their thought patterning just now, clearing and cleaning out that which does not serve them. If, as loving human beings we can edit out the old (easily possible through re-educating the synapse and clearing the appropriate negative energy fields) we may realise and release true sexual love – and health. The history of mankind is littered with the difficulties we feel as human beings about what we understand about sexual ‘love’. If we resist the need to refract our intimate feelings and overlay them with mechanistic social conditioning, we allow ourselves the possibility of a purer sexual intimacy, something which will release us from the old paradigm and surprise us with its simplicity and bliss.

Buddhist monks have been shown to be able to modulate both their amygdalae and their temporal junction during meditation: this is in line with the proposed changes of expansion in the temporal area. Research on the temporal junction can indicate the sheer weight of negativity and inflexibility indicative of the old fear patterns in our culture. In old studies of this latter area the TJ was seen as a sort of dark cavern, a place to do with the self and Other, and therefore individuality, but also the place where ‘out of body experiences’ were stimulated: most definitely the ghost in the machine! The temporal junction, crucial in Dementia, is more wholesomely viewed by Antoine Lutz and his co-workers who used FMRI scanning to show that both the amygdalae and the temporal junction underwent intense activity in expert meditation and that the monks, the subjects of the experiment and so much used to and capable in meditation, showed greater use of their amygdalae than meditation novices.[i] . It is through the temple lobe that the free-flow of bliss and unconditional love can be experienced, at the moment such a quality of sensibility can only be accessed through inherited privilege and/or the disciplined practice of focus training and devotion to Love through meditation.

New circuits are forming between the pineal and the pituitary, both being involved as regulators in the placing down of our new endocrine system. The pituitary has been the body’s master gland, sitting near to the hypothalamus and in a direct link of instruction from it. For some time the pituitary has been the Head of Hormones but we are coming to see that this gland is not directing everything because at this time, the pineal is director of the new chemistry coming into our bodies. As we get our frequency ‘upgrades’ the pineal often hurts, a sharp pain in the centre of the skull: in certain circumstances it will beat with a pulse. If you don’t sleep well and feel strange in the middle of the night, then it is likely that your energy fields are being upgraded, that is, that you are taking in a higher frequency energy into your body and it is coming through the pineal. Some people can experience a sensuous feeling as energy comes through the top of the head, usually in the hours of darkness. If you have been ‘upgrading’ in the night, then the central, top area of your head may be sore during the following day. The reason why the pineal is so sore at the moment is not only because it is evolving but that it is a temporary frequency receiver whilst the upcoming site of frequency delivery is being prepared at the temples. The evolution of the pineal and a temporary role for it as receiver are using up a great deal of our daily energy just now. As ever, please see a doctor if your body worries you.

The significance of melatonin

The most important factor for us here is that the pineal secretes melatonin (not to be confused with melanin in the skin). Melatonin works in the night, in animals it anticipates darkness, the day and night, the seasons and the time for mating. N.J. Cherry ii) reminds us that melatonin plays a central role in the body, regulating or synchronising the diurnal (circadian) system that links us as human creatures to the daily and seasonal life of the planet, to daylight and to darkness.

Melatonin is very significant within the body, it travels through the immune system, operating in the first instance from the pineal and the hypothalamus, the latter holding our biological clock, this movement is through receptors: there are ‘…high affinity melatonin and serotonin receptors in the brain and throughout the central nervous system… ’ ii). The involuntary, autonomic nervous system which governs the largely ‘unconscious’ reactions within the body, like swallowing, the heartbeat, vomiting, blinking and so on, also lies within the compass of this pineal secretion. Cherry provides a long list of researchers to advise on the significance of melatonin which follows a pathway in the body through the serotonin (our feel-good) receptors; it oils the wheels of the heart, arteries and lungs and any compromise of its decisive levels can create a causal link to the start of cardiovascular disease ii).

Now at this time, the ‘decisive levels’ are fiercely affected by the input of frequency changes and this seems to me the single most important factor in the increase of bodily frequency just now: because melatonin, coming as it does from the evolving pineal, is the first signaller in a very fast and very complex chain of the body’s transmitters.

Cherry has identified researchers who have shown that melatonin is present in the pressure regulators (IOP) in the eye (Osborne 1994) and in these times there is particular pressure in the eyes as the temporal lobes prepare for their future roles. The construction of the eye itself is also changing. As the body cleanses its finer places, not only is the liver challenged and so the sclerotic coat of the eye, the whites of the eyes, are often yellow but the eyes themselves are changing their constitution so that vision is often less accurate and the organs feel uncomfortable, stretched, scratchy and dry. This latter is a consequence of frequency change in the pineal.

Melatonin is a powerful, functional lubricant in its role as an antioxidant, a scavenger of free radicals that damage and indeed, age the body; we know that free radicals have a strong will to degenerate tissue and the fact that reduction of the hormone is associated with ‘neurological, cardiac, reproductive and carcinogenic illness and death’ (Reiter and Robinson 1995). Melatonin is much more important than we have thought until recently, its receptors in the vital organs create a refined information network concerning where and how it is, decisively influencing the T-cells, (T-Lymphocytes) and the natural killer cells via melatonin receptors on those cells. We need our body’s natural protection cells which we are doing a very good job of demolishing them through our environmental pollution and ineffective self-care.

The big paragraph: the pineal, melatonin and high frequency.

It is vital to note that melatonin levels are highest in the time of darkness, that is, they fill up in our sleep, secretion starting daily at about 21.00 hours. Melatonin does not like natural light and slows down in production the moment the sunlight comes into the room; it is not simply that the body is at a welcomingly receptive state in the night. The difficulty arises for us as consciousness-aware because we are at this time able to bring in a higher frequency during the night temporarily through the pineal which is itself transforming, so it is extremely overworked. The effects of this frequency input gather FIRST in melatonin and flow through all of the body via its fine and discreet and now-burgeoning pathways. In this way, the effect of incoming frequency reduces the degree and flow of melatonin produced, its reduction creates a rapid and fluctuating heart-beat and sometimes depression, potentially alarming symptoms if presenting regularly enough and very common just now in those whose life focus is transforming consciousness.

We say again, then, that the pineal is under much stress at the moment as it evolves and is the receiver of a very fast frequency which comes through mostly in the night. Since the pineal makes its hormone, melatonin, in the hours of darkness, its function can be challenged and the result for us is depression, the cutting of sleep and sleep patterns, a less efficient immune system ( because it is an anti-oxidant) and a fast, night-time heartbeat. The fibrillation will cease as soon as the heart falls into new synchronisation with the higher frequency.


There are many apparently alarming symptoms presenting just now, I am so sorry if you are feeling stretched. Those in heart service to others face all sorts of challenges within their changing bodies: the difficulty arises when we are not wholly aware or that we don’t trust the unique process of transformation.

One of the first symptoms to appear is sleep disruption, as we have said and there can accompany it a rising temperature or a very low temperature and a raised and/or irregular heartbeat: of course we are fearful when this occurs, something that makes the heart beat even faster. Try not to fear, elevate the upper body and lie on the back, walk about a little if it makes you feel better.

We know that melatonin production is at its highest during the night, it is important to introduce here the equally important role of another hormone, noradrenaline. Released by the adrenal medulla, this latter chemical is put out in the brain through a hairnet of fibres (fast becoming optical fibres). Noradrenaline is another transmitter, a trigger for a chain reaction of neurons to spring into action; the hormone increases blood pressure and heart beat and it transmits into the synapses, the crucial transformational and learning hubs of the nervous system. In those suffering from Dementia 70% of the Noradrenaline cells are lost: at this time Noradrenaline is one of the most critical factors in the body because it is a transmitter of high frequency, incoming energy.

The Hypothalmic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis is of great significance here; this tripartite coalition (!) works together, each interacting with the other, to send instructions and receive responses about the body’s stasis. Such stasis or wellbeing is particularly of the immune system, of sexuality, the digestive system and the body’s energy. Such a collective ‘intelligence’ in the body is currently affected by the fast, fine and high frequency energy coming into the pineal and it is suggested that the massive impact of this frequency throws out of sequence some of the deliveries in this tripartite, neuro-endocrine system’s headquarters. * Many people experience changes to their alimentary canal whilst being aware of frequency intakes in the daytime, the effects of which can be experienced as nausea, the production of gas and an inability to digest food: it is suggested that it is the speed of the frequency that creates these changes.

Now many of those who are particularly aware that they are pioneers of consciousness just now find that their adrenals are feeling decimated; part of the reason for this is that energy work is undertaken during both day and night by those holding a particular energy. During the hours of darkness, consciously or not, those with great compassion serve the planet by balancing the high negative input from many and serious incidents occurring just now: this is particularly noticeable when we have a big death toll through earth quakes or plane crashes, or acts of terrorism, for instance. It may also be shocking to learn that some fully evolved souls who are children at this time also work in the night to help. If you have babies who will not sleep or toddlers who experience constant stress dreams in their nights and who wake up many times, then the likelihood that they are experienced energy workers is great: be proud!

When made up pharmaceutically noradrenaline is used to treat chronic depression and low blood pressure. The active transmission agents in hormones like noradrenaline are working at full stretch as the body changes its chemistry just now; indeed, all of the body can be extremely challenged by these incessantly incremental and demanding changes.

Now as we are evolving, whether aware of it or not, we may have big experiences to do with our physical heart, our levels of depression and for many hours in the night when we cannot sleep. It gives me such pleasure to relate this information to the number of super-sensitive people whose bodily signature is often one inclusive of low blood pressure and to the MANY people I have treated suffering from intermittent yet potent depression and poor sleep for the last fifteen years.

A hope of peace for the planet from the inside out

Amid the earthly turmoil and the explosions of ancient, repetitive, entrenched negative, the fast growth of personal deliberate focus for change is firing transformation of the very nature of man. The body is changing both its frequency and, as a result, its electrical circuitry and even the shape of organs and their function is changing as the body evolves. In some cases the ‘old body’ cannot keep pace with the new, crystalline version and so it puts out more noradrenaline and the heart therefore beats faster, suddenly and more erratically, PARTICULARLY IN THE NIGHT when the pineal is working hard to bring in high-frequency energy. We know, scientifically, that melatonin, secreted by the pineal, is at its highest during the hours of darkness and now we know that noradrenaline increases blood pressure and heartrate, particularly as the body is experiencing heightened frequency intake during the night. So at this time of internal body shifts, shifts required by increasing frequency coming into the earth from above, the production of our noradrenaline is severely compromised as the parts of the brain involved in transformation actually transform. A lack of noradrenaline produces feelings of depression and such feelings are exacerbated by the processing of cleaning and clearing in the mental fields being undertaken just now by many thousands of people who bring about change. The irregularities of sleep and heartbeat experienced by those who would be pioneers in the fields of consciousness are legion in all of this change and the individual feels depleted and often deeply exhausted: somebody has to go first. If you are one of those first ones, please know that you are not isolated and not alone.

[i] Antoine Lutz; Julie Brefczynski-Lewis; Tom Johnstone and Richard Davidson, ‘Regulation of the Neural Circuitry of Emotion by Compassion Meditation: Effects of Meditative Expertise ‘(26 March 2008) DOI:10.1371 /journal.pone 0001897.

ii N.J.Cherry, ‘Human intelligence: the brain, an electromagnetic system synchronised by the Schumann Resonance signal’, in Medical Hypotheses (2003) 60