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The body map: the Spiral

The body map: the Spiral

The body map: the Spiral

The body map and frequency

You will know that this website talks a lot about frequency and I welcome all research that shows that illness cannot happen to the body over and above its resonating at a certain frequency (usually 60 Hertz).

I keep saying that illness is a frequency. When I started to work with energy, quite a long time ago, I was interested that when I was with, or near, or treating someone with Parkinson’s, I later felt it go past my energy field, fast: I was not a candidate to take it on… and this was to do with both my personal history, or legacy, and the level of my own frequency at that time. This is a very serious sentence. If we were to take in this option, that our body frequency partly regulates our intake of disease, hereditary mechanisms (which can now also be regulated) notwithstanding, then our lives would be changed completely. At this time, much is changing completely.

I can see that many illnesses come from corruption in the cells and the moment of that corruption spawns the illness in which repair to that corruption is more complicated. Why? Because an Energy therapist has to dig below the presentation of the illness to find its source, then he/she has to pause whilst regarding the effects of the source on the cell growth and renewal and only then to halt the corruption to the cells caused by the source. In locating the cause of the corruption it is possible, but demanding, to heal the damage done to both body and mind. You will ask what we mean by 'corruption'. Two facts are relevant here, firstly, we know that as change in the cells occurs away from the ‘norm’ of childhood, the ‘perfected’ body component constantly renews at a graduated indication. By this, we mean that the cells renew at the place that they were in, where they last left off, as it were, and not back in the original place, in the foetus. If we could all start again as babies that would indeed be magical because we would avoid the cumulative damage of years. (With respect, we realise that many, many babies do not start with this foetal ‘perfection’.)

The second influence is that of frequency, both that of the organs, cells and, most significantly, connective tissue, which really does hold everything together because it is connecting both inside the body and inside out. We need to remember that every part of the body is composed of energy and water. Where there is energy there is frequency and every single part of the body has a frequency (big and small) and one big collective frequency, ALL OF WHICH CAN BE REGARDED THROUGH FOCUS. Our focus, our learned, disciplined focus and the super-focus that comes through connection to Love. In the frequency of Love is the answer to all that man seeks on the planet just now… and it is not wet and sloppy (!) but scientific, robust and REAL.

As we all climb higher and higher in frequency, the old body is often unhappy; old stuff comes up for clearing and the new frequency bands within the cells are like new brooms trying valiantly to sweep clean: they are NOT intrepid. Those of you who have felt their body energy for some years will notice that the new energy coming into the body, usually at night, is FIERCE. I remember when this ferocity first occurred in me and I did not like it!

If you can join with others in this, it is extremely helpful and comforting, to know that one is not alone is very significant at this time.

As the frequency delivery finds its way through the body there are varying effects, concomitant to the mastery you have set yourself to achieve. As you get more capable, you will feel more as if you are in a kindly place and less at an Elizabethan joust: it is fine to ride this bucking bronco: know that you are safe. Use the practice that you have in focus, probably meditation, and ground yourself after every session: the expert yogis do this and of course, the Zen masters, it is neither weird nor new.

At this time all sorts of old-based health issues may re-surface in the clearing that is the body’s due, just now. We do have to bend a lot and we do have to recalibrate the old gruesome parts of our nature: it is the ONLY way forward for us and the planet….

The frequency spiral of health

As I push forward through the layers of health frequency with my own body, and remember, we are evolving just now, I note that the master body ‘overlay’ can be seen as a spiral. I don’t see this spiral, I feel it. In my experience and in those of some I know who intuit their bodies well, we notice that old patterns ‘keep coming around’ until they are cleared. Such patterns are firstly behavioural negatives and, if you have worked on them, then each time they come up they will be a little less potent than they were. Many have noticed that these patterns keep recurring and they will recur until they are excluded and re-patterned into the positive. This positive lends a great swing to both your personal evolution and your body frequency: this is THE KEY to personal evolution and to our controlling and changing out very nature. It is really important to do this clearing now as higher frequencies, still, will cause destructive behavioural patterns to erupt, with miserable consequences for all concerned.

If you imagine your physical self, standing in a spiral which is fitted quite snugly around you, then this is where we start. At many turns of the spiral there are small knots or nodules and this is where there are frequency blocks presenting and representing your old, negative behavioural patterns. It is in these blocks that the real start of disease can begin (again, we acknowledge the potency of old, extant DNA which may do damage, yet we also acknowledge that many evolved people have new, 12-strand, DNA and which supersedes the older type. It is possible to change the DNA through focus and benevolent WILL).

There is also a spiral in the disease patterns of our bodies but maybe not in the little bodies that are finding themselves on the earth just now…in my view the new kids on the block are light, airy, fabulous and funny!

The disease spiral around the body is made up of that which the body’s general frequency has attracted to it. This attracting is deeply significant. With the exception of intestinal bugs and some colds, which clear us of debris which has collected over time, the great body spiral, which includes the mental faculties (NB) is the single most important factor in coming to master the body, just now. Extreme times make for extreme responsibilities: we know that our bodies can be tyrannical!

Our Nature

The spiral model is also useful in realising the extent of possibility that we have. Once the negative in the circuits is cleared and the wilder aspects of the self mastered (eg when to STOP) then there is any deficit of karma to be considered. After a certain level of frequency, karmic debt collection is standard. In this way, ‘instant karma’ designs the form of the pay-back. It is here that we do need to say that karma is mathematical, to a micro-point; it is a sacred system of ensuring that we face that which we have done wrong. Even the great and the glorious can get into trouble and all debts have to be collected and cleared. Somewhere. In the past, we came to earth with the ‘veil’ separating us from here and where we came from, this is not quite the case now, there is much more insight available and the access to higher reality is extremely open.

In this way, the Spiral houses information about you and its use is advisable: intuit it in your own way. Listen in; Feel; Sense.

The diagonals

If you envisage your body fitting into this spiral you might also like to envisage that there is another overlay, that of regular, diagonally crossing lines, working their way down that spiral, from just above the head to just below the feet. It is as if you have become a harlequin!!

These body lines are a frequency in themselves, particularly in uplifting the frequency of that which they target: they are healing lines, par excellence.

I realised some time ago that in treating pain, say, on maybe the right shoulder, I needed to apply my other hand to the left hip below and strongly imagine the two points joining electrically. So please do put your hand on the pain in the right shoulder and the meridial healing line diagonally opposite at the left hip. This is not just advice for therapists but for anyone in pain, just now.

This same pattern and distance works through the whole body and the entire spiralised energy field of the sumptuous, new physical body that we are bringing in: we are not going through all of this grim change for nothing.

These diagonal lines go into infinity, where they continue inside the spiral but you might be most comfortable with imagining them just up to the top of your head, where they cross and the same with the bottom of your feet.

When you can master both the spiral and the lines, you will be well on your way to self-healing of a massively potent kind; you will also be free from disease.

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