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The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance

It is well established and for a long time now that living organisms emit magnetic energy. We know from the work of Winifred Otto Schumann (the famous Schumann Resonance, 1954) that the earth has a frequency. When Schumann outlined a spectrum of low frequency resonances coming from the earth, which he calculated as 7.83 Hz, he may not have imagined that we would be able to see these frequencies fifty-eight years later from a NASA space station (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Centre 11.1.12).

Schumann observed a frequency coming up from the earth and a frequency coming down from above the earth, in the ionosphere. This is a website about consciousness and I have been saying for some time now that consciousness is a frequency. For me, consciousness is a seamless energy that connects us all to each other and out into the cosmos. In this way, the ‘gap’ between earth and space does not exist, there is, instead, a seamlessness and for me, consciousness is this seamlessness: so there is NO SEPARATION between ‘in here’ and out there’.

In 1972, Herbert König, Schumann’s successor, spoke of EFL waves (Extremely Low Frequency) and VLF waves (Very Low Frequency) and he said that these waves travelled along magnetic lines produced by the earth’s own magnetic field; he saw the lines as connecting at the points where the force lines intersected: we call this the matrix or earth grid. Those who consider the earth to be a living organism would find such a statement simply common sense.

König showed the proximity of the main frequencies in the Schumann waves, or the ground resonance of the earth, as being very close to the frequency of alpha rhythms of the human brain. This massively significant observation brings with it the realisation that man’s evolving brain has tuned into the rhythms of the earth herself. Indeed, it is potent but not at all surprising, to realise that human life has evolved on earth using her very own frequencies.

In 2003 N.J.Cherry noted that the Schumann resonance, the earth’s own frequency, ‘continuously stabilizes the brain’s electromagnetic system and has enabled intelligence and stable thinking to evolve’. It is therefore not surprising that we are experiencing so many difficulties as human beings within our experience of consciousness just now because the frequencies of the electromagnetics of our world are changing and they are part of our consciousness.

To reiterate: the earth resonates at a certain frequency (Schumann 1954) and the brain resonates at the same frequency (König 1972). If the frequency of the earth speeds up, or is speeding up, then the increase of its velocity will be mirrored in the BRAIN. Our brains. My own response to these research findings is to acknowledge the freneticism, chaos and even suffering that such speeding up is causing just now and to say that the collapse of the strong magnetic energy field of our planet will also herald the arrival of a new form of energy in its place.

i See James Russell ii N.J.Cherry, ‘Human intelligence: the brain, an electromagnetic system synchronised by the Schumann Resonance signal’, in Medical Hypotheses (2003) 60 (6)